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FBO Partners

FBO Partners

As a HangarIT™ customer, you have the power of the experts of FBO Partners behind you. Industry-experts in airport ground leases and hangar subleasing, your subscription to HangarIT™ gives you access to FBO Partners’ knowledge, best-practices and monetization strategies that has made aviation real estate such a valuable contribution to the modern FBO business model.


In addition, FBO Partners are business advisors and trusted partners to FBO, Airports and other aviation businesses. The broad scope of services offered by FBO Partners include:  

Mergers & Acquisitions Services, including: 

  • Commercial Advisory to Institutional Banks, Private Equity and Infrastructure Funds 
  • Third-Party Diligence Services 
  • Capital Raises for Development and Expansion 
  • Buy or Sell Side Representation for Buyers or Sellers 

Request for Proposals (RFPs), including 

  • RFP Management & Response for FBOs 
  • Fuel Supply Management Services for FBOs to maximize supplier value via RFP 
  • RFP creation, authorship and management for Airports 

Strategic Sales & Market Research 

  • Commercial Go-to-Market Pricing Strategy, Pricing Management 
  • Competitive Reports With Trend Analysis 
  • Regional and Local Market Share Reporting 
  • Targeted Sales Campaigns  
  • Direct Fuel Pricing Integration with Flight Departments

Expert Witness Services 

  • Grant Assurance Matters 
  • Lease and Sublease Interpretation 
  • FBO Valuation/Ownership Disputes 
  • Post Accident (FBO Representation Only)

Other Aviation Services for FBOs, Airports and Aviation Businesses 

HangarIT™ was established by Business and General Aviation real estate experts in 2021 to help FBOs and Airports find and maintain the next level of real estate success.

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