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Document Storage


Physical Storage

Documents are stored using a Microsoft Azure Storage Account. The storage account is configured with Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS). This means that all data is replicated across three Azure availability zones. Each availability zone is a separate physical location with independent power, cooling, and networking. ZRS provides at least 99.9999999999% (12 9’s) of durability over a given year.

Client Isolation

Azure storage has a concept of containers. Each container can be managed independently of other containers. Each client receives a dedicated container strictly for their document storage needs. This ensures that a client’s documents are not stored collectively with other client’s documents, maintaining client separation.

User Access

Access to a document is through the application only. Granular permission can be configured per user to allow for control of who can both add documents and view documents.

Logical separations of clients are created ensuring that a user can only view the data for client’s they are specifically assigned permission.

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